Friday, May 10, 2019

Cup Tower Challenge

Students used jumbo colored craft sticks, wooden cubes and 3 oz. plastic cups to build the tallest possible structure.
We discovered stacking craft sticks on top of plastic cups allowed us to build a much more vertical structure than using cups alone.
Each group enjoyed coming up with their own unique designs. 
Additional challenges could include a structure with one cube as a base.
Another challenge is to make something stick out in an impressive way
Students loved learning while working in a group.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Build A Snowman STEM Challenge

This challenge was to build a snowman using a few supplies. One was newspaper for the snowman frame, the other was tissue to cover the snowman and tape.
Students decorated their snowman with typical clothing and their own decorations from home.
Some snowmen were wide and round, short or tall.
Students followed the Engineering Design Process for this challenge. 
Students had a written and sketched plan before beginning.
As soon as they had a a three-tiered shape, they wrapped the shape like a mummy and used the tissue as a cover.
The final model had to resemble a snowman, but a specific size was not required. It did have to be free standing and creative. What Fun!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week 2019

Students recited poetry for all of the guests that visited the "Coffee House."

Reciting the poems was a great way to boost confidence and build self-esteem

CrAzY Sock Day!

Meteorologist John Marshall brought a mobile weather studio to our school. It was both entertaining and educational.
Students learned about the different types of clouds,
 precipitation, storms, the water cycle, weather instruments and much more!
The assembly was a wonderful and exciting experience for our students that included green screen technology.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Parent Appreciation Day 2019

In this STEM Challenge, students and parents were to build a model of an igloo. An igloo is an ice house built from ice and snow in very cold places. They are usually a dome-shaped building.
They had to make a circular igloo with a domed roof and an opening with a tunnel. The short tunnel helps control the temperature inside an actual igloo.
The materials included cotton balls, cardboard tubes, paper plates, glue and tape.
We had a lot of clever ideas!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Students learned about Earth's main biomes and which types of plants and animals inhabit these environments. 
Students discovered that a biome is a large ecosystem that has its own types of animals, plants and soil. They also have their own unique patterns of temperature and rainfall. 
The tundra is a cold a cold, dry biome without trees and the ground is frozen all year.

Students created their assigned biome with a partner displaying the vegetation, animals and soil.
The taiga is a cool forest biome that also contains lakes and ponds and is the largest in the world.
Deciduous forests have trees that lose their leaves every year. They often have cold winters and warm summers. 
Tropical rain forests are hot and damp with plenty of  rainfall.
A grassland is a biome where the main kind of plant is grass. Grasslands do not get much rainfall.
A desert is a barren biome with very little rainfall. They can be hot or cold.
Students worked in pairs to research one of the biome locations and wrote a summary of the location and characteristics that made up their particular biome. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Thanksgiving and Christmas 2018

We were all blessed and felt very thankful to spend this time with one another.

Students brought in canned goods to donate to the food pantry for those in need as a way to give back to our community. 
Socks For Hope

Our wonderful class moms made it possible for us to enjoy two delicious feasts for the holidays. Yum!!
Students placed several different toiletries in socks for the homeless.
We were all fortunate to celebrate the Christmas season together and also remember those in need.